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The social media management/extreme mountaineering survival sim you've been waiting for!

The latest from Team Dogpit, #Everest is a survival sim about achieving the dream of having the most internet-famous attempt to climb Mt. Everest. Plan out a trip, equipping climber and guides with all of the equipment they need to not die horribly while carrying as much awesome swag as possible to take the most share-worthy selfies along the way!

You MUST have .NET 4.0 and XNA 4.0 installed for the game to work!

If you don't have them, get them here!

Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0

XNA Framework Redistributable 4.0

Everything you wanted to know about getting internet famous but were afraid to ask

Your objective is to get the highest score possible by getting social media likes on selfies you take during your ascent. Rack up likes and retweets by including the silly and share-worthy in your photos, but make you leave some space in your pack for boring "necessary" gear too - you can't take a selfie if you're dead!

Get Outfitted

You can't take any more than what you and your three teammates can carry between the four of you. With inventory space limited, bringing one item means leaving another. #Everest is a game of opportunity costs. you must balance your selection of the props that will get your selfies to earn the most likes with the equipment needed to survive the trek to the next great photo op.

Make Your Mark

Time waits for no mountaineer in the unforgiving altitudes of the mountain locals refer to as "The Holy Mother." Take too long trying to get the perfect selfie and you won't be able to make camp before temperatures plunge at nightfall, but make sure you don't lose your cool because if you forget to pack anything back up, it will be lost on the mountain forever.

There's no garbage collection service on Mt. Everest. Carry your trash with you or dump it on the mountain. It's your choice.

Post Your Selfies

The player character will be posting to their fictional in-game social media accounts throughout the game, but you can choose to post the pictures you take in-game to the player character's real twitter account, @HashtagEverest or connect your own twitter account and post to it through the game! How's that for meta?

Survival Tips

  • Make sure each character has enough food, half rations reduce your health/stamina regen and running out completely will slowly deplete your health
  • Most status ailments will go away after enough rest. Having a medical kit in someone's inventory will help, resting at landmarks and especially the camps will help too
  • Having a sleeping bag for each character and a tent for the whole party increases health and stamina regen while resting
  • Having lots of crazy and heavy junk in your photo will get more likes and comments. Make sure you retrieve your junk before leaving the photo screen
  • Water bottles aren't necessary but prevent any chance of dysentery. Having a water treatment kit in someone's inventory reduces the chance of dysentery but doesn't prevent it
  • Wearing goggles greatly reduces the chance of snowblindness and retinal hemorrhaging, but wearing shutter shades for your photos gives more likes
  • Climbing around bottlenecks will probably get someone killed, but having climbing harnesses and ascenders equipped reduces the chance. Having fixed lines in someone's inventory and an icepick equipped on at least character helps further
  • Traveling at night reduces movement speed and increases chance of hypothermia. Try resting at landmarks until daybreak
  • You can get a rough estimate of your travel speed by looking at the walking animation speed of your party
  • Blizzards inflict damage and increase the chance of hypothermia and snowblindness unless you rest at a landmark with a tent or at a camp
  • Prevent/heal hypoxia with a breathing mask and oxygen bottles. By default oxygen use is disabled so you don't burn through your bottles at lower altitudes

Install instructions

Unzip the game and run Everest.exe to play.

You MUST have .NET 4.0 and XNA 4.0 installed for the game to work!

If you don't have them, get them here!

Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0

XNA Framework Redistributable 4.0


#Everest v.1.4.1 238 MB


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bad game made by failsons who spend literal days of their lives laughing about people dying

as I get near the summit after Lhotse the game crashes randomly I've played close to 30 games all have crashed! Please fix I play the window 10 32bit version thanks! If the game isn't going to be updated let me know i'll uninstall it thanks

;                                            0

I'm looking at porting this to Unity soon and will address the bugs then. I'll keep you posted.

Pretty fun. And funny.


Nobody cared because your games are boring and looked just like all the other low effort made by hundreds of other rich pretentious assholes who compete in game jams every year.

Did you ever learned something called

Stop taking the internet seriously


dude just cause u might not like the game or ur games always get hate if u even have games... i bet ur to scared how terrible dey will be to even post em... anyway, my point is.... simply put...

point taken?? no?

well... then there isnt any hope for you... sorry... not sorry, you were an arsehole so im going to be one back. 
hope you decide to not post hate comments about ppl's games ever again...