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SimShine A bootleg production management sim by Team Dogpit

SimShine is a management sim about creating and expanding an increasingly complex automated assembly line.


Factorio-style Crafting

Set up an increasingly complex system of booze manufacture! Reach peak Factorio zen as you lay out the perfect automated assembly line. Connect equipment items to transfer output automatically; make the best use of space to get the greatest profit ratio for space used. Different products may take a longer or shorter amount of time to make and sell for different prices. Keep revenue coming in for both the short and long term with correct supply chain management. Mix and match to find the combination that maximizes your revenue.

Property Management

Open locations all over the city that all run simultaneously. If you can manage to handle paying protection money and juggling separate production lines, you'll really be in the money. Set up an efficient enough booze factory and you just might earn enough capital to open up your very own Speakeasy. The nicer your speakeasy, the greater the price at which you can sell your bootleg whiskey.


SimShine is about getting rich selling bootleg alcohol, dodging the feds, and looking fabulous while doing it! Prove that you're the real McCoy and earn spiffy hats!

Immersive worldbuilding

SimShine has a super neato Art Deco aesthetic and features four fully voice-acted characters that are sure to become beloved classics of the Awfuljam storytelling canon. Get wrapped up in a gripping tale of how a woman from rural Kentucky embarks on a quest to get fabulously wealthy for shallow and self-centered reasons! Experience a stunningly realistic simulation of being annoyed by a neurotic older brother! Commence the purchasing!


Uncle Billy: Michael A. Zekas
Cosmo Carraway: Michael A. Zekas
Punchy Saladino: Michael A. Zekas
William S. Wolfsheim: Michael A. Zekas
Kevin Bacon: Michael A. Zekas
Catering: Michael A. Zekas



So we jigglin' or...?



SimShineWin64-v.1.0.0.zip 141 MB
SimShineOSX-v1.0.0.zip 147 MB


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(1 edit)

Saving is broken.

I can save but no savegame is created.

Sometimes buying things is broken, too. I order a bunch of stuff but get only one stack of it.

And most of the recipes are wrong (at least the made-in-part of it).