Slam Fighter II 2.0.0 is out!

New in Slam Fighter II 2.0.0!

 Each character has different strengths and weaknesses! See if you can master them all!
 Your diss actually has to be a real word! Get ready to talk smack on the fly!
 Completely rewritten engine with the best beat detection ever seen in a verbal throwdown!
 Completely new performances with audio quality so good you'll swear you're being insulted in real life!
 Need to step away for a moment? You can pause the game! WOW!!
 Comes with a steam key.  The steam edition has achievements, leaderboards, and a good old fashioned high score table!
 Different resolution options! Want to play windowed but larger than 640x480 resolution? Go for it!
 Six different stage backgrounds that pulse in time with the music. Don't like flashy moving backgrounds? You can disable them!
 Gallery where you can unlock profiles and character art!
 Cross-platform support!  Throw shade in Windows, Mac OSX or Linux!
 And way more!

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